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Sushi Sho Rexley is exclusively providing a brand new, high-end dining experience to the St Pete Area called Omakase. Omakase takes sushi to a whole new level and provides guests with a meal that is sophisticated, individualized and unique. By serving sushi in this way, Sushi Sho Rexley creates a dining experience that is coveted and revered in the Japanese culture by those who do more than eat sushi, but who appreciate the delicacy, the preparation, and the beautiful ceremony that comes with each bite.

With Omakase, every aspect of the sushi is served with purpose, presentation and style. This includes offering the freshest fish from all over the world, carefully managing the temperature of the rice, and offering sake pairings that flatter each dish. To ensure that their fish is of the highest quality, they have chosen to buy their fish from Tokyo Toyosu Fish Market, which is a market that is based on an auction system. Markets like this have professional examiners on hand to grade the products and to guide the market. Purchasing their fish from Tokyo Toyosu allows Chef Kwok the opportunity to provide the freshest, highest quality ingredients for his sushi.

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